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Dental Restorations Laguna Hills

Dr. Peterson and most of his patients agree that metal-free restorations are the best restorations around! When you receive a metal-free restoration, such as a white filling or a porcelain onlay, it not only looks more natural, but it is also a healthier option for you.

Traditional metal fillings have been made out of mercury or silver for centuries. These metals have both an unpleasant taste and look, and the toxic level of mercury has lead to a decline in the use of metal fillings. Dr. Peterson is pleased to provide a healthy and great-looking alternative by using white composite fillings instead of metal fillings. During this procedure, tooth-colored fillings are placed on the tooth structure, adding strength and restoring the natural beauty of your smile.

Another option for a metal-free restoration is a tooth-colored, non-metallic porcelain onlay or inlay. These are great because less of the original tooth structure is removed in order to place them. Onlays typically cover a portion of the chewing surface of a tooth, and inlays are small enough to fit onto the biting surface of the tooth. A strong piece of porcelain is precision-fabricated and bonded onto the tooth. This technique results in a strong and natural-looking restoration, in contrast to tooth weakening and eventual cracking associated with large metal fillings.

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