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Laser Dentist Laguna Hills

At Premier Dental Implant Center, we’re skilled in the use of lasers for dentistry involving the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. Our high tech lasers produce narrow beams of light for removing, shaping or vaporizing tissue; hard tissue lasers are used with partially impacted wisdom tooth removal, or the excise decay.

With laser dentistry, we can remove small tissue samples that are used to diagnose tumors and lesions found in the tongue, gums, cheeks and lips. With surgical procedures, lasers can limit the need for anesthesia, replace the use of traditional drills, and control bleeding during a dental procedure. Lasers also contribute to reduced swelling and discomfort following surgery.

Whether you need a root canal or other type of oral surgery or a biopsy procedure, our team’s skilled use of lasers can help you approach surgery with ease.